Senior Stylist

I have moved to the Wairarapa from Auckland with my young family for a change in lifestyle.

I have been hairdressing for almost 10 years and thoroughly enjoy all aspects of my hairdressing career.  I love creating new and fantastic colours with gorgeous hairstyles for my clients, where you can see how much it improves their self-confidence as they walk out the door. Being in the hairdressing industry, there are so many opportunities to keep re-educating and learning to better yourself – and what you have to offer your clients as fashion is always evolving.

Having come from three generations of hairdressers, you could say it is well and truly “in the genes”. It also means that I have built up some amazing knowledge from the different eras in hairdressing. I have enjoyed so many different parts of my career as stylist, but the one thing I truly love, after working with clients, is being a mentor to apprentices.  I love being there to help them from the beginning – to grow their confidence as a young stylist, until the end as qualified hairdressers.

I look forward to working in this wonderful community with amazing stylists.  And I can’t wait to meet all of you!