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Price Menu

ItemStarting price ($)
Cut & Blowave
-Executive Stylist
Cut & Blowwave – Senior Stylist79
Cut & Blowave
Restyle, Cut & Blowave - Executive Stylist99
Restyle, cut and blow-dry - senior stylistfrom 89
Men’s cutfrom 53
College / Student (over 12 years) - Male53
College / Student (over 12 years) - Femalefrom 72
Fringe Trim15
Full Head Foils145
1/2 Head Foils120
Partial Foils85
Creative Colour150-170
Demi Permanent  105
Re-touch Colour88
Re-touch Colour – Incl. Ends108
Complex Colour CorrectPOA
Stand-alone toning servicefrom 60-80
BlowWave (Short)55
BlowWave (Long)65
Iron/tongs (depending on length)from 35
Conditioning Treatments30
Olaplex Extra Mix15
Olaplex Stand Alone Treatment 58
Relaxing & Waving
Arua POA
Keretin BlowOutPOA
Keretin BlowOut With ColourPOA
Wave or Perm – Short (incl cut)POA
Wave or Perm – Long (incl cutPOA
Add-on Services
Extra Mix15
Amonia-free ColourAdd 15

Effective 1 April 2021

  • Please note that the price list shows our starting prices. Prices are a guide only and may vary due to length and thickness of clients’ hair.
  • We recommend a free skin patch test for all colour services 24-48 hours before your appointment.
  • We offer all clients a complimentary consultation at the beginning of their appointment.
  • CANCELLATION POLICY: Due to the boutique nature of our business, last minute changes to appointments affect us significantly, should you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, we kindly ask for 24 hours’ notice to give us the opportunity to fill the appointment we had reserved just for you. Cancelling or changing an appointment within 12 hours of service start time will result in a 50% charge of the scheduled service price. ‘No-shows’ will also result in a 70% charge of the scheduled service price. These fees will be added to your account and will need to be paid in full before future appointments can be booked.We do understand emergencies and illnesses do occur so if either happen within 12 hours of your scheduled appointment or your children are ill and need you at home, please cancel – this will not result in the above charges.We greatly appreciate your understanding, Thank you